Under 12’s C League
1Stanway Rovers Blues1670160239
2Lawford FC1670152138
3Wivenhoe Town1642242228
4Rowhedge Juniors1640433224
5Stanway Villa White1642204418
6Brightlingsea Regents Reds1624221517
7Frinton & Walton Yellows1622421515
8Little Oakley Reds1603521510
9Frinton & Walton Reds1614303510

League Games

September 13 2020
Brightlingsea Regents Reds1Rowhedge Juniors1
Frinton & Walton Yellows1Stanway Rovers Blues8
Little Oakley Reds1Frinton & Walton Reds1
Wivenhoe Town2Lawford FC6
September 20 2020
Brightlingsea Regents Reds2Little Oakley Reds1
Rowhedge Juniors2Frinton & Walton Reds0
Stanway Rovers Blues7Wivenhoe Town2
Stanway Villa White3Frinton & Walton Yellows0
September 27 2020
Frinton & Walton Reds2Brightlingsea Regents Reds1
Lawford FC4Stanway Rovers Blues2
Little Oakley Reds1Rowhedge Juniors3
Wivenhoe Town2Stanway Villa White2
October 04 2020
Frinton & Walton Yellows1Frinton & Walton Reds1
Stanway Rovers Blues4Brightlingsea Regents Reds1
October 11 2020
Frinton & Walton Reds3Wivenhoe Town3
Frinton & Walton Yellows7Little Oakley Reds4
Lawford FC3Brightlingsea Regents Reds2
Rowhedge Juniors4Stanway Villa White2
October 18 2020
Brightlingsea Regents Reds2Wivenhoe Town1
Lawford FC5Frinton & Walton Yellows0
Frinton & Walton Reds0Stanway Villa White0
October 25 2020
Frinton & Walton Yellows2Brightlingsea Regents Reds3
Little Oakley Reds1Lawford FC1
Wivenhoe Town0Rowhedge Juniors4
Stanway Villa White1Stanway Rovers Blues4
November 01 2020
Frinton & Walton Reds3Lawford FC3
Stanway Rovers Blues4Little Oakley Reds1
Brightlingsea Regents Reds2Stanway Villa White2
December 13 2020
Rowhedge Juniors2Brightlingsea Regents Reds0
Little Oakley Reds0Stanway Villa White0
December 20 2020
Stanway Rovers Blues3Rowhedge Juniors2
Wivenhoe Town2Brightlingsea Regents Reds2
April 11 2021
Frinton & Walton Yellows2Rowhedge Juniors2
Little Oakley Reds3Wivenhoe Town6
Stanway Rovers Blues5Frinton & Walton Reds1
Lawford FC4Stanway Villa White1
April 18 2021
Brightlingsea Regents Reds1Lawford FC2
Little Oakley Reds2Frinton & Walton Yellows3
Wivenhoe Town11Frinton & Walton Reds4
Stanway Villa White0Rowhedge Juniors0
Awarded to away team
April 25 2021
Frinton & Walton Reds0Stanway Rovers Blues5
Rowhedge Juniors2Frinton & Walton Yellows1
Wivenhoe Town5Little Oakley Reds2
Stanway Villa White4Lawford FC0
May 02 2021
Brightlingsea Regents Reds1Frinton & Walton Yellows1
Lawford FC5Little Oakley Reds0
Rowhedge Juniors1Wivenhoe Town5
Stanway Rovers Blues5Stanway Villa White3
May 09 2021
Frinton & Walton Yellows2Wivenhoe Town6
Rowhedge Juniors0Little Oakley Reds1
Stanway Rovers Blues2Lawford FC3
Stanway Villa White0Frinton & Walton Reds0
Awarded to home team
May 16 2021
Frinton & Walton Reds0Rowhedge Juniors0
Little Oakley Reds1Brightlingsea Regents Reds2
Wivenhoe Town8Stanway Rovers Blues4
Frinton & Walton Yellows3Stanway Villa White1
May 23 2021
Frinton & Walton Reds1Little Oakley Reds2
Lawford FC5Rowhedge Juniors1
Stanway Rovers Blues4Frinton & Walton Yellows1
Stanway Villa White4Brightlingsea Regents Reds1
May 30 2021
Lawford FC4Frinton & Walton Reds1
Rowhedge Juniors1Stanway Rovers Blues6
Wivenhoe Town10Frinton & Walton Yellows0
Stanway Villa White1Little Oakley Reds1
June 06 2021
Brightlingsea Regents Reds3Frinton & Walton Reds3
Little Oakley Reds2Stanway Rovers Blues5
Rowhedge Juniors3Lawford FC5
Stanway Villa White4Wivenhoe Town4
June 13 2021
Brightlingsea Regents Reds1Stanway Rovers Blues5
Frinton & Walton Reds0Frinton & Walton Yellows6
Lawford FC2Wivenhoe Town3
June 20 2021
Frinton & Walton Yellows4Lawford FC6