Under 13’s B League
1Lawford FC1670152138
2Brightlingsea Regents Blues1651271038
3Eight Ash Green1661151235
4Rowhedge Juniors Blues1653040430
5FC Clacton Blues1641340425
6Cornard Dynamos Reds1630531419
7Halstead Town Blues1630531419
8Stanway Rovers Yellows161070083
9Reed Hall Sentinels161070083

League Games

September 13 2020
Brightlingsea Regents Blues2Lawford FC4
FC Clacton Blues4Stanway Rovers Yellows0
Halstead Town Blues0Rowhedge Juniors Blues0
Awarded to away team
Reed Hall Sentinels0Eight Ash Green11
September 20 2020
Eight Ash Green15Halstead Town Blues1
Lawford FC8Cornard Dynamos Reds2
Rowhedge Juniors Blues1FC Clacton Blues0
Stanway Rovers Yellows7Reed Hall Sentinels1
September 27 2020
Cornard Dynamos Reds0Brightlingsea Regents Blues2
FC Clacton Blues1Eight Ash Green10
Reed Hall Sentinels2Halstead Town Blues7
Stanway Rovers Yellows1Rowhedge Juniors Blues11
October 04 2020
FC Clacton Blues2Reed Hall Sentinels1
Lawford FC8Stanway Rovers Yellows2
October 11 2020
Cornard Dynamos Reds0FC Clacton Blues3
October 25 2020
Eight Ash Green4Rowhedge Juniors Blues3
FC Clacton Blues3Lawford FC3
Halstead Town Blues0Brightlingsea Regents Blues1
Reed Hall Sentinels0Cornard Dynamos Reds0
Awarded to away team
November 01 2020
Brightlingsea Regents Blues2Eight Ash Green2
FC Clacton Blues2Halstead Town Blues3
Lawford FC8Reed Hall Sentinels1
December 20 2020
FC Clacton Blues0Brightlingsea Regents Blues3
April 11 2021
Halstead Town Blues1Lawford FC5
Reed Hall Sentinels0Brightlingsea Regents Blues6
Rowhedge Juniors Blues0Cornard Dynamos Reds0
Stanway Rovers Yellows1Eight Ash Green14
April 18 2021
Eight Ash Green1Lawford FC1
FC Clacton Blues5Cornard Dynamos Reds0
Reed Hall Sentinels1Rowhedge Juniors Blues10
Stanway Rovers Yellows0Brightlingsea Regents Blues3
April 25 2021
Brightlingsea Regents Blues9Reed Hall Sentinels0
Cornard Dynamos Reds0Rowhedge Juniors Blues3
Eight Ash Green7Stanway Rovers Yellows2
Lawford FC8Halstead Town Blues2
May 02 2021
Eight Ash Green5Cornard Dynamos Reds0
Halstead Town Blues3Stanway Rovers Yellows1
Lawford FC4FC Clacton Blues0
Rowhedge Juniors Blues0Brightlingsea Regents Blues0
May 09 2021
Cornard Dynamos Reds3Stanway Rovers Yellows2
Eight Ash Green0Reed Hall Sentinels0
Awarded to home team
Lawford FC0Brightlingsea Regents Blues4
Rowhedge Juniors Blues3Halstead Town Blues3
May 16 2021
Cornard Dynamos Reds3Lawford FC5
FC Clacton Blues4Rowhedge Juniors Blues1
Halstead Town Blues2Eight Ash Green6
Reed Hall Sentinels3Stanway Rovers Yellows1
May 23 2021
Brightlingsea Regents Blues5Cornard Dynamos Reds0
Eight Ash Green3FC Clacton Blues1
Halstead Town Blues0Reed Hall Sentinels0
Awarded to home team
Rowhedge Juniors Blues13Stanway Rovers Yellows0
May 30 2021
Brightlingsea Regents Blues0Halstead Town Blues0
Awarded to home team
Lawford FC5Eight Ash Green0
Rowhedge Juniors Blues13Reed Hall Sentinels0
Stanway Rovers Yellows2Cornard Dynamos Reds3
June 06 2021
Brightlingsea Regents Blues4Stanway Rovers Yellows0
Halstead Town Blues2Cornard Dynamos Reds3
Reed Hall Sentinels0FC Clacton Blues9
Rowhedge Juniors Blues3Lawford FC1
June 09 2021
Brightlingsea Regents Blues1FC Clacton Blues2
Cornard Dynamos Reds2Eight Ash Green4
June 11 2021
Stanway Rovers Yellows0Lawford FC12
June 13 2021
Cornard Dynamos Reds10Reed Hall Sentinels0
Eight Ash Green0Brightlingsea Regents Blues7
Halstead Town Blues0FC Clacton Blues0
Awarded to home team
Lawford FC4Rowhedge Juniors Blues1
June 16 2021
Brightlingsea Regents Blues4Rowhedge Juniors Blues1
Reed Hall Sentinels0Lawford FC0
Awarded to away team
June 19 2021
Rowhedge Juniors Blues4Eight Ash Green2
June 20 2021
Cornard Dynamos Reds4Halstead Town Blues0
Stanway Rovers Yellows0FC Clacton Blues10
June 27 2021
Stanway Rovers Yellows3Halstead Town Blues4