Under 16’s B League
1Wivenhoe Town241200110169
2Kirby Athletic24110191261
3Reed Hall Sentinels2482260644
4FC Clacton2380361543
5Stanway Rovers2460672341
6Rayne Youth2162162440
7Wivenhoe Tempest2481340837
8Lawford FC2341742527
9Colchester Villa2333641625
10Parkside Rangers2342611918
11St Edmunds2432721918
12Tiptree Jobserve Reds23201011910
13Arlesford Colne Rangers24309011110

League Games

September 13 2020
Colchester Villa2Stanway Rovers7
Kirby Athletic10FC Clacton0
Rayne Youth13St Edmunds0
Wivenhoe Tempest4Parkside Rangers2
Wivenhoe Town6Reed Hall Sentinels1
Tiptree Jobserve Reds3Arlesford Colne Rangers2
September 20 2020
FC Clacton1Rayne Youth0
Parkside Rangers11St Edmunds0
Reed Hall Sentinels5Colchester Villa1
Stanway Rovers0Wivenhoe Tempest1
Tiptree Jobserve Reds0Kirby Athletic8
Arlesford Colne Rangers2Lawford FC3
September 27 2020
Lawford FC2Stanway Rovers4
Rayne Youth1Kirby Athletic3
Reed Hall Sentinels4Tiptree Jobserve Reds0
St Edmunds5Colchester Villa5
Wivenhoe Town4FC Clacton2
Arlesford Colne Rangers2Parkside Rangers1
October 04 2020
Kirby Athletic1Wivenhoe Town5
Parkside Rangers3Stanway Rovers5
Rayne Youth3Reed Hall Sentinels2
Wivenhoe Tempest4Lawford FC2
Colchester Villa8Arlesford Colne Rangers2
October 11 2020
Reed Hall Sentinels2FC Clacton0
St Edmunds3Tiptree Jobserve Reds4
Wivenhoe Tempest3Colchester Villa4
October 18 2020
Lawford FC1Reed Hall Sentinels2
October 25 2020
Lawford FC2Tiptree Jobserve Reds1
Parkside Rangers3Colchester Villa2
St Edmunds0Kirby Athletic20
Stanway Rovers0Wivenhoe Town8
Wivenhoe Tempest4Rayne Youth3
Arlesford Colne Rangers5FC Clacton6
November 01 2020
FC Clacton1Stanway Rovers4
Rayne Youth4Lawford FC1
Reed Hall Sentinels8St Edmunds0
Tiptree Jobserve Reds5Parkside Rangers2
Wivenhoe Town9Wivenhoe Tempest0
Kirby Athletic10Arlesford Colne Rangers2
December 13 2020
Colchester Villa4Tiptree Jobserve Reds4
FC Clacton7Parkside Rangers0
Arlesford Colne Rangers3Wivenhoe Tempest7
December 20 2020
Colchester Villa0Reed Hall Sentinels0
Awarded to home team
St Edmunds2Parkside Rangers4
Wivenhoe Tempest1Stanway Rovers2
Lawford FC4Arlesford Colne Rangers3
April 04 2021
Kirby Athletic7Stanway Rovers1
Lawford FC1St Edmunds2
Reed Hall Sentinels8Parkside Rangers1
Tiptree Jobserve Reds2Wivenhoe Town12
April 11 2021
Colchester Villa0Wivenhoe Town0
Awarded to away team
Lawford FC3Kirby Athletic2
Parkside Rangers2FC Clacton3
Stanway Rovers3St Edmunds2
Tiptree Jobserve Reds0Rayne Youth6
Wivenhoe Tempest5Reed Hall Sentinels3
April 17 2021
Arlesford Colne Rangers6St Edmunds3
April 18 2021
Lawford FC2Wivenhoe Tempest5
Reed Hall Sentinels2Rayne Youth2
Stanway Rovers3Parkside Rangers2
Tiptree Jobserve Reds0St Edmunds2
Wivenhoe Town6Kirby Athletic0
Arlesford Colne Rangers1Colchester Villa11
April 24 2021
Reed Hall Sentinels4Arlesford Colne Rangers1
April 25 2021
Colchester Villa2Lawford FC7
FC Clacton5St Edmunds1
Kirby Athletic5Reed Hall Sentinels1
Rayne Youth2Stanway Rovers2
Tiptree Jobserve Reds0Wivenhoe Tempest1
Wivenhoe Town17Arlesford Colne Rangers0
May 01 2021
Arlesford Colne Rangers0Reed Hall Sentinels10
May 02 2021
Colchester Villa1Parkside Rangers1
Rayne Youth6Wivenhoe Tempest1
Reed Hall Sentinels0Kirby Athletic5
Tiptree Jobserve Reds4Lawford FC5
Wivenhoe Town7Stanway Rovers0
FC Clacton7Arlesford Colne Rangers2
May 05 2021
Colchester Villa0Kirby Athletic0
Awarded to away team
Wivenhoe Tempest1Wivenhoe Town6
May 08 2021
FC Clacton3Reed Hall Sentinels2
Parkside Rangers3Arlesford Colne Rangers3
May 09 2021
Rayne Youth0Arlesford Colne Rangers0
Awarded to home team
May 12 2021
Kirby Athletic6Wivenhoe Tempest0
Stanway Rovers3Lawford FC4
May 13 2021
Wivenhoe Town10St Edmunds0
May 15 2021
Parkside Rangers1Reed Hall Sentinels3
Arlesford Colne Rangers0Stanway Rovers0
Awarded to away team
May 16 2021
Colchester Villa4St Edmunds4
FC Clacton3Wivenhoe Town7
Kirby Athletic7Parkside Rangers0
Parkside Rangers3Lawford FC3
Rayne Youth1FC Clacton1
Stanway Rovers7Colchester Villa2
Stanway Rovers2Kirby Athletic3
Tiptree Jobserve Reds0Reed Hall Sentinels4
Wivenhoe Tempest8St Edmunds2
Wivenhoe Tempest5Tiptree Jobserve Reds0
Arlesford Colne Rangers0Wivenhoe Town0
Awarded to away team
May 19 2021
Stanway Rovers7FC Clacton3
Wivenhoe Tempest2Kirby Athletic2
May 20 2021
St Edmunds1Rayne Youth7
May 22 2021
Parkside Rangers4Tiptree Jobserve Reds1
Reed Hall Sentinels2Stanway Rovers2
May 23 2021
Kirby Athletic7Colchester Villa0
Lawford FC1FC Clacton3
Parkside Rangers0Rayne Youth1
Reed Hall Sentinels5Wivenhoe Tempest0
St Edmunds3Stanway Rovers2
Wivenhoe Town0Tiptree Jobserve Reds0
Awarded to home team
May 26 2021
FC Clacton1Kirby Athletic5
Stanway Rovers1Rayne Youth5
May 27 2021
St Edmunds4Wivenhoe Tempest3
Wivenhoe Town0Colchester Villa0
Awarded to home team
May 29 2021
Arlesford Colne Rangers0Tiptree Jobserve Reds0
Awarded to home team
May 30 2021
Colchester Villa1FC Clacton4
Kirby Athletic0Tiptree Jobserve Reds0
Awarded to home team
Parkside Rangers0Wivenhoe Town5
St Edmunds2Lawford FC2
Stanway Rovers1Reed Hall Sentinels3
Arlesford Colne Rangers0Rayne Youth6
June 01 2021
Arlesford Colne Rangers2Kirby Athletic7
June 02 2021
Lawford FC0Wivenhoe Town5
June 06 2021
FC Clacton9Tiptree Jobserve Reds0
Lawford FC4Colchester Villa9
Parkside Rangers0Kirby Athletic1
Rayne Youth4Wivenhoe Town3
St Edmunds1Reed Hall Sentinels4
Wivenhoe Tempest0Arlesford Colne Rangers0
Awarded to home team
June 08 2021
Stanway Rovers9Arlesford Colne Rangers1
June 09 2021
Kirby Athletic5St Edmunds2
Lawford FC2Rayne Youth2
Reed Hall Sentinels0Wivenhoe Town5
Wivenhoe Tempest4FC Clacton2
June 12 2021
Stanway Rovers10Tiptree Jobserve Reds1
June 13 2021
FC Clacton6Colchester Villa0
Kirby Athletic4Rayne Youth3
Reed Hall Sentinels3Lawford FC1
Tiptree Jobserve Reds0Stanway Rovers2
Wivenhoe Town11Parkside Rangers1
St Edmunds15Arlesford Colne Rangers2
June 16 2021
FC Clacton4Wivenhoe Tempest1
June 17 2021
Wivenhoe Town0Rayne Youth0
Awarded to home team
June 19 2021
Tiptree Jobserve Reds1Colchester Villa4
June 20 2021
Colchester Villa2Rayne Youth16
Kirby Athletic2Lawford FC0
Parkside Rangers2Wivenhoe Tempest0
St Edmunds2Wivenhoe Town8
Tiptree Jobserve Reds0FC Clacton9
June 24 2021
Wivenhoe Town2Lawford FC0
June 27 2021
Colchester Villa6Wivenhoe Tempest4
Lawford FC10Parkside Rangers1
St Edmunds4FC Clacton5